The Holy Grail of Wedding Speech for Sister Resources

August 11, 2011 by weddingspeechforsister

I told you I would not only provide my own advice and tips but also provide links to other wonderful reference materials.  So I figured I would share what I consider to be the ‘Holy Grail’ of wedding speech for sister resources.  For some of us we need more guidance then just some tips – we want samples, templates, and step by step instructions to the writing process.  And for others it’s the actual speaking we need help with – speech delivery techniques and wedding etiquette advice.  There is a great website that offers wedding speech guide packages for the entire process of writing and giving a wedding speech that are custom tailored depending if you are the bride, groom, father of the bride, etc. 

For a wedding speech for sister of the bride I would recommend the maid of honor package – even if you are not the ‘official’ made of honor most sisters are always ‘acting’ maid of honors our whole lives.  What I really like about this package is that it covers EVERYTHING you could possibly need to know.  Not only does it have the core sister wedding speech tools you need such as a step-by-step guide, sample wedding speeches, wedding toasts, wedding jokes, wedding quotes, etc. that you could spend hours looking around on the internet for, but it also has some amazing extras.  There is an etiquette guide so you know what is and is not ok (I’m sure there are a lot of brides out there hoping their maid of honor or sister is reading up on this!)  There are also guides to public speaking so you can perfect your wedding speech for sister delivery and there is a confidence audio program to help with nerves.  And to round out the whole package there is also a bridal shower guide and bachlorette/hen party guide – both essential items!

Finally, the best part – it’s all downloadable!  This is great for all you last minute procrastinators out there (Yes – that includes me!)  even if it’s the night before the wedding and you are still scrambling you can have this on your computer in minutes (has been a life saver for many!)  And if for some reason the package wasn’t what you were expecting there is a 100% guarantee for a full refund within 60 days. – Although I have to say I do not know anyone that has asked for a refund – the package is that good!  I know we are all trying to save money but for a little pocket change this resource is priceless :-)

Check the website our for yourself – it’s nothing fancy, they don’t try and wow you with a bunch of graphics.  But definitely take a look at some of the customer testimonials.  Most people I know that have used one of these packages say that the best part is the peace of mind they feel from using the guide – they know the wedding speech is going to be a hit!  And the feedback after is always the same – rave reviews!

Click here to check the website out for yourself!


Special Wedding Toast

July 27, 2011 by weddingspeechforsister

I was a guest at a wedding this past weekend and wanted to post about a very sweet wedding speech/toast that I saw.  Now in this instance the toast was geared towards the groom (but it could go either way for a groom or a bride).  It was a lovely speech with all the right elements – great introduction, humor mixed with sentiment, excellent delivery, etc.  It was about half way through the speech when we were all told a very funny childhood story relating to the groom and a trip to the beach where he put a certain food item on his pen**.  The servers at the wedding had discreatly passed around a plate of the same food object (a child snack item) – we were all invited to toast to the groom with the food item at that point – it was hilarious and the whole room was doubled over with laughter!  It might have been one of those moments where you ‘had to be there’ but it was something I had never seen during a wedding speech or wedding toast before and it went over so well that I had to share!

Yes – Your Sister Wedding Speech Will Be Recorded!!!

July 8, 2011 by weddingspeechforsister

It’s important to always assume your sister wedding speech will be recorded!  I was speaking with a friend the other day who has to write a wedding speech for her sister’s wedding.  I mentioned that she should practice in advance because it will probably be recorded and to check out my blog for advice.  Her response was that she doesn’t have much to worry about because her sister couldn’t afford a professional videogrpher.  My response…

IT WILL BE RECORDED!  Do not doubt for a minute that someone will not record your sister wedding speech.  This is a word of caution if you think you will be free and clear because it is not beign professionally recorded you are wrong.  This is the age of smart phones – at least one person if not several will probably capture your speech on their phone.  Not only will they have the recording to share with your sister/brother, but you can probably expect to see your wedding speech for your sister posted on facebook, youtube, or any number of video sites on the internet.

It is important to take the responsibility of giving a brother or sister wedding speech seriously because the memory will be captured for your sister or brother to play back at a later date.  Trust me if you manage to mess up the wedding speech and it’s caught on camera your brother or sister will never let you live that down. 

If you need help with your speech that are a lot of great resources available – click here to see one of the best sister wedding speech resources available.

Tell Her She Looks Beautiful

June 28, 2011 by weddingspeechforsister

The wedding speech for sister of the bride should mention how beautiful and stunning the bride looks.  Personally I think it is a great way to start the speech off after you introduce yourself. 

As sister of the bride one of your unspoken responsibilities to the bride on her wedding day is to tell her how beautiful she looks.  It doesn’t matter if she has a zit in the middle of her forehead or got over-sprayed at the tanning booth – you reassure her that it looks fine and that she looks more beautiful then ever.  You just need to make her feel like a beautiful princess – if she’s worried about how she looks then she can not relax and enjoy the day.  (Just remember you can always ‘airbursh’ the pictures afterwards!)  A lot of guests will tell her how beautiful she looks but it is your responsibility to include her beauty in your wedding speech for sister and make a public acknowledgement.

Sister Wedding Speech – Should it be funny?

June 27, 2011 by weddingspeechforsister

A wedding speech for sister of the bride to give can be a lot of pressure, especially if you don’t know what to say.  The time has come for you to sit down and write your wedding speech or wedding toast.  You’ve been procrastinating about it for a while because you just don’t know where to start.  The question probably running through your mind right now is ‘should I make it funny or sentimental?                                   

The following should be taken into consideration when making that decision:

  1. Sister Relationship – What kind of relationship do you have with your sister?  If you have a great relationship with her then you are probably safe going either way, however, if you have had a rocky past then you may want to stick with a sentimental speech to avoid any doubt that you are taking the wedding speech seriously.
  2. Groom Relationship – The speech is not just for your sister, it is for the groom too, so your relationship with him needs to be taken into account.  If you get along well with him and have known him for a while you can go either way, but once again if you have a rocky relationship or just don’t know him very well you are going to want to stick with the sentimental speech to avoid risk of ‘misinterpretation’ that may happen with a funny speech.
  3. The Couple – You have to think about how the bride and groom are as a couple.  You may have some hilarious stories from your sister’s teenage years but would the couple find that funny or inappropriate. 
  4. The Guest List – Who is on the guest list at the wedding should make a difference in the type of speech you give.  If it is a small wedding with close family and friends you could do either funny or sentimental.  However, if it is a big wedding including lots of work colleagues and extended family you barely know then I would recommend sticking with the sentimental wedding speech.  Once again your sister may not want her employees hearing about who she had a crush on at age 13 or that embarrassing childhood nickname.  Your wedding speech for sister does not have to be completely absent of humor – in this situation just keep it tame or rather pg-13 rated.

If this is a wedding speech for sister of the groom to give then you should also take the same above factors into account.

Now after looking at those 4 factors what is your gut telling you?  If you still don’t know then seek a second or third opinion.  Get an opinion from other family members and see what they think.  Or you can get a professional opinion by using a wedding speech program or guide.  I have found that for many people using a wedding speech program not only helps you write a great speech but it can also provide reassurance that your wedding speech for sister will be a hit!

Wedding Speech for Sister

June 24, 2011 by weddingspeechforsister

There is a lot of pressure to give the perfect wedding speech for sister of the bride or groom- you only get one shot at it and chances are it will be recorded! When I got married in January 2011 both of my sisters gave a wedding speech – the speeches were different and perfect coming from each. 

I know there are a lot of you out there biting your nails at the thought of giving a wedding speech for your brother, sister, best friend, etc. – don’t make the same mistake others do by not planning in advance!

For most of us out there public speaking does not come naturally.  It can be scary standing up in front of everyone with the camera rolling and the bride and groom looking to you to say some heartfelt or humorous words to commemorate their wedding day.  It’s not just about the words you are going to say it is also about the way you deliver those special words.  Having confidence and poise when delivering your wedding speech and/or toast will be what sets your speech apart and makes it memorable to the bride and groom.

The good news is you don’t have to re-create the wheel here – you can take tips, advice and even pieces of other speeches make a wonderful speech that will be perfect for your brother or sister.  I hope my blog can offer some inspirational wedding speech for sister guidance and great resources you can use while you write the ideal wedding speech.

Be sure to check out the wedding speech for sister youtube video page.